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Founded in 2001 by Charles Grote and Mike Mauzy, Reliable Asphalt Products is the hotmix industry’s most comprehensive asphalt plant equipment supplier. In today’s competitive market HMA producers look to asphalt equipment suppliers not just for equipment, but also as a knowledgeable resource to help improve plant production capabilities and corporate profitability. Reliable Asphalt strives to serve by providing high quality new and used asphalt equipment and exceptional customer service. We are a single source supplier, providing every part, component and service needed to successfully run an asphalt operation. We supply complete new, used and reconditioned plants; both batch and drum, portable, stationary and skid mount arrangements. We also provide silos and drag slat systems, recycle systems, controls, ac handling equipment, dryer/drum rebuilds/replacement, cold feeds, conveyor systems, baghouse and dust handling systems, flighting systems, parts and components.

We provide professional advise and services for all of your asphalt needs. Our expert team is ready to assist in any way you need us to. Whether you are interested in new asphalt equipment, used asphalt equipment, asphalt plant service and maintenance, new or used asphalt plant parts, or Burke heating equipment, we are always available and ready to assist you. We have the industry leading experts awaiting your call. We service across the entire united states, and internationally. There is no distance too far to help YOU. We have experience in custom plant set ups, along with designing a specific layout for an asphalt plant that works best for your needs. Contact us today and let us consult with you. We will work hard for you and make sure to guarantee satisfaction to you on your next asphalt plant production site.

Our office is located in Shelbyville, KY. If you ever find yourself in the area, make sure to stop by and say hello!

521 Old Seven Mile Pike, Shelbyville, KY 40065

We stand behind our name. We are RELIABLE.


Company Directory:


EXT Name Cell Email
2808 Amy Cash 502-609-1367 A.Cash@ReliableAsphalt.com
2823 Bill Legler 502-529-1896 W.Legler@ReliableAsphalt.com
2834 Brian Dixon 502-599-7458 Briandixon302@gmail.com
2810 Charles E. Grote, III 502-529-9044 C.Grote@ReliableAsphalt.com
2821 Charlie Grote 502-529-9057 CharlieG@ReliableAsphalt.com
2829 Cindy Cottrell 502-647-1782 C.Cottrell@ReliableAsphalt.com
2815 David Childers 502-523-4622 D.Childers@ReliableAsphalt.com
2831 David Ellingsworth 502-647-1782 D.Ellingsworth@ReliableAsphalt.com
2816 Jim Watson 859-351-1977 J.Watson@ReliableAsphalt.com
2822 Dennis Mauzy 502-529-1042 D.Mauzy@ReliableAsphalt.com
No EX Johnny Lamar 859-553-0754 J.Lamar@reliableasphalt.com
No EX Jim Grida 216-470-7619 J.Grida@ReliableAsphalt.com
No EX Len Newton 502-303-8896 L.Newton@ReliableAsphalt.com
2812 Mary Jo Kissel 502-445-5354 MJ.Kissel@ReliableAsphalt.com
2811 Mike Mauzy 502-529-9043 M.Mauzy@ReliableAsphalt.com
2832 Nate Grida 205-492-0580 N.Grida@ReliableAsphalt.com
2827 Will Rabatin 502-994-7323 W.Rabatin@ReliableAsphalt.com
2832 Rachel Strehl 502-647-1782 R.strehl@ReliableAsphalt.com
No EX John Ferguson 502-655-9431 J.Ferguson@ReliableAsphalt.com

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The demand in the asphalt industry for controlling blending, temperatures, and liquid selection has taken the step to the next generation. When taking that step let our experience in liquid processing and heating assist you.


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