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Calibration Tanks

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The Burke calibration system provides for quick, precise liquid asphalt flow calibration within minutes without the need of a truck.  This model is a horizontal heated vessel utilizing three platform style load cells with test weight platforms to obtain a precise weight.  The vessel is zeroed and then asphalt is pumped into the tank and the tank is again weighted to determine the asphalt flow rate.

Calibration Tank Standard Features

1,000 gallon tank constructed from ¼” plate and flanged heads

67” overall diameter tank

2” heating coils with for even, safe, indirect heat transfer.

I-Beam frame construction.

3” flanged fill and return connection.

2” Valved hot oil feed and return lines.

3” vent.

Mounting structure with 3 load cells.

Digital weighing indicator


Portability option with single axle and heavy duty ball hitch


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