Barber Greene BE67 8,000 Batch Plant



Barber Greene BE67 8,000 Batch Plant – estimated to be early 1980’s (1982)
(6) 9x13 BG Cold Feed Bins
* Bins are nominal for the age. There are many patches on the throats and in the interior. The don’t look the best but are functioning now. The back two bins have been added more recently and are in better shape.
24” Feeder 5hp AC Motors
Nominal 30” x 60’ Collecting Conveyor
30” x 40’ Intermediate Conveyor
30” Slinger feeder – 10 HP motor
DC70 Dryer – 9’x30’
*Trunnions appear to be in very good shape and have been updated fairly recently (downhill LH trunnion has some chewing.) One of the thrust rollers has been replaced recently as well. The shell appears to be in decent shape. The flighting has been updated with a traditional design and looks to be serviceable and have life left.
Hauck 360 Burner – set for gas
BG Bucket Elevator – could not access buckets – estimated to be 65’ long – appears to be in decent condition
BE67 8,000 Pound Batch Tower
*Tips and paddles look like they are in serviceable shape – could not inspect the liners. The pugmill has a 125HP Motor. There is the standard 8k larger size pugmill gearbox which is in good shape. The tower is equipped with the additional hotbin storage. There is an Astec built rap pack with a Rap Weigh hopper and a slinger belt to deliver the rap into the tower. The is also a dust silo but that is staying with the plant. There is a BG 5x16 Dual Motor 3.5 deck screen on top of the tower. The elevator and screen are equipped with a bypass to go around the screen. Overall the tower is in very good shape.
Multicone Cyclone – the cyclone has many patches and should be replaced with another primary dust collector.
SH Baghouse – Nominal 6”x14’ bags x 600 Count Tube section looks decent – XXX HP Fan – Stack included
*Dust Pod and Augers are staying with the plant
30k HyWay HeatTank - was originally portable but has since has the axles cut off. The tank looks decent for the age but will probably be of little value to someone i.e. may not be worth taking with the plant.
20k Rail/Tanker car Tank – coiled tanker of no value
HyWay 1.2 Heater – Powerflame burner – skin looks ok at best. Running now
Controls House is a pretty decent looking 270 degree visibility structure. There are WEM batch controls. Interior looks pretty good. Updated 1600 AMP MCC in 2011.

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$250,000 – $500,000

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150 – 300

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