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  • The existing plant computer is removed and the I/O cards salvaged.
  • A new Minds PC is installed with the salvaged I/O cards installed.
  • Optionaly the old PC’s hard disk can be re-installed in the new machine if customer requires keeping the original Martin system as spare. Otherwise we highly recommend the Option 1 item consisting of a second configured and mirrored hard disk that can reduce down time to near zero in the event of a primary disk failure.


  • Rack mount 19’’ Industrial computer, including 24” wide screen monitor, keyboard, mouse and telephone modem.
  • MINDS Inc. “Drumtronics” application software installed.
  • Documentation of input/output addressing.
  • User manual

MINDS is a leader in advanced easy to use Windows based, customizable automation control systems for batch plants, drum plants, emulsion plants, silo load-out, full plant control and data management for the asphalt industry. MINDS Inc. also offers energy monitoring, automated tracking and process control solutions for the road construction, asphalt, and various other industries. Our innovative products and services, based on automated control systems, GPS, telematics and web technologies, provide solutions for vehicle tracking, real-time monitoring, asset tracking and asphalt plant automation.

MINDS prides itself in working closely with each individual customer to meet their specific needs. Our ability to execute combined with agility in dynamic, challenging environments ensure that customer success is top priority.

With over 20 years of industry experience, MINDS has been installed in over 400 locations throughout North America, Europe and world wide.


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